Clair Hodgson

Clair Hodgson pic

Working mostly in silver, with additions of gold, Clair’s work is designed to be practical and wearable, using simple forms in combination with surface textures to create a collection of comfortable, everyday pieces.

Ideas evolve over time, but major themes continue to be re-visited and to mature. Combinations including oxidising silver to a black finish with gold, are consistent and recurring. Ideas progress through photography, drawing, and through making.

Inspired by the qualities and patterns found in the environment, a particular interest is the juxtaposition of different and varied objects found in odd situations; distressed ‘things’ washed up on the beach; in the configurations found in agriculture; ploughed fields and growing crops; linear structures in fruit fields, in shadows and broken tarmac in eroded road surfaces.

Education; Middlesex Polytechnic, The Royal College of Art.

Awarded a ‘Crafts Council Setting Up Grant’.

Clair teaches at Hereford College of Arts.

Photographs by kind permission of Joel Degen

Wobage - Wobage Farm Craft Workshops - Contemporary Crafts - Ceramics - Furniture - Jewellery - Herefordshire