A brief history of Wobage Farm Craft Workshops

1976 - Mick and Sheila Casson buy Wobage Farm and renovation starts with help from Sheila’s father Norman Wilmot

1977 - The Casson Family move from Buckinghamshire to Wobage

1978 - The first wood fired kilns are built with the help of Andrew McGarva

1979 - Andrew McGarva sets up workshop

1980 - Clare Casson sets up her textile workshop

1983 - Mick awarded OBE for services to craft

1980’s - Annual summer schools run by Mick and Andrew attract students from many countries. Wood and Gas fired salt kilns built, further renovation of the buildings

1989 - Ben Casson and Lynn Hodgson set up furniture and woodcarving workshops

1990 - Andrew and Clare move to France, Clair Hodgson sets up her jewellery workshop. Rachel Kyle and Patia Davis join as potters

1991 - Regular exhibitions start in the Gallery

1992 - Rachel leaves to pot at Dartington and John Alliston joins Wobage

1995 - ‘50 years Making Pots’ exhibition

1995 - Jeremy Steward and Petra Reynolds join, more renovation work done to create workshop space

2000 - John leaves

2002 - ‘25 Years at Wobage’ exhibition

2003 - Mick dies

2004 - Memorial for Mick attended by 250

2006 - Evening classes start, run by Patia

2007 - Summer schools start run by Jeremy, Petra and Patia. Jeremy’s evening class starts

2009 - Sheila Herring becomes Jeremy’s apprentice

2010 - Mick Casson retrospective exhibition held to celebrate publication of the book ‘Michael Casson’

2010 - Josh Redman joins

2011 - Lynn leaves

2012 - Josh leaves, Sheila Herring joins, Ana Simmons becomes Jeremy’s apprentice

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