Sheila Herring

Sheila Herring

Sheila was a professional basket maker for over thirteen years, before changing her path towards clay and fire. In 2009 Sheila received the first grant with the ‘Adopt a Potter’ charity which enabled her to apprentice under Jeremy Steward at Wobage.

Andrew and Clare McGarva pic

Andrew and Clare McGarva

Practical and decorative, the McGarvas' high fired stoneware pots can go in the oven and the dishwasher. Indigo blues and large resist patterns are the basis of Clare Casson McGarvas' stitched textiles.

Patia Davis pic

Patia Davis

Patia works with both porcelain and earthenware clays. Her deft lightness of touch on the wheel, and the influence of the natural world surrounding her home and workshop, brings a contemporary edge to a range of pots which also asserts a deep respect for tradition.

Ben Casson pic

Ben Casson

Discerning customers choose Ben Casson Bespoke furniture for its timeless appeal: firmly rooted in the aesthetic of the Arts and Crafts tradition, his designs have a contemporary edge, informed by his engineering degree. A blend of practical function and fine detail that sits easily in modern and traditional homes alike.

Sheila Casson pic

Sheila Casson

Sheila makes salt glazed domestic stoneware thrown on the wheel, mostly jugs, bowls, teapots and vases. Fired in a gas reduction kiln to 1,300°C, with salt introduced to give a mottled texture to the surface. She also hand builds sculptural pieces in a red earthenware clay.

Clair Hodgson pic

Clair Hodgson

Working mostly in silver, with additions of gold, Clair’s work is designed to be practical and wearable, using simple forms in combination with surface textures to create a collection of comfortable, everyday pieces.

Jeremy Steward pic

Jeremy Steward

Jeremy has made wood-fired salt-glaze at Wobage Workshops in rural Herefordshire, since the summer of 1995. He and his wife Petra Reynolds, also a potter, live with their two young sons, on the edge of the Royal Forest of Dean.

Clyde Hoare pic

Clyde Hoare

Clyde Hoare is a basket maker, he has recently become part of the the maker community at Wobage.

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