Mick Casson

Mick Casson pic

When Mick and Sheila Casson moved to Wobage Farm in 1977 they were both well established as potters. The move was intended to allow them space and a suitable environment to experiment with wood firing and salt glaze, techniques that were to inspire some of Mick’s most iconic pots.

His years at Wobage until his death in 2003 were prolific ones in which he produced a large body of work to supply exhibitions around the country and the gallery on site. His work was keenly collected around the world and is still highly regarded as being among the 20th century’s finest studio pottery, featuring in museums including the V&A.

Mick Casson pic 2

Here we present a small selection of photographs of Mick and his work. In 2010 the book ‘Michael Casson’ was written by Emmanuel Cooper and published by Ruthin Craft Centre, providing a detailed monograph and many more fine photographs; copies of the book are available from the Gallery at Wobage.

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